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About Rapidtek

Our vision “Empower infinity connection, explore boundless space“ is to help people accelerate full-time online living environment. Our products divided into three parts
are “RF testing solution” “Advanced RF RD Center” and “SmartAuto”. Starting from not only RF front-end module design, array antenna design, AiP even R&D to mass production testing, but also from the RF switching components to all FATP testing system are our service.
We have experienced management team and professional engineering team. Rapidtek looks forward to your join and getting challenge together in the technological wave such as IoT, 5G, B5G, LEO area.




Rapidtek expends the business rapidly worldwide in the competing and fast growing ICT industry by our powerful management team. We provide a comfortable working environment and create a happiness workplace. Keep complying with sustainable management rules with all suppliers and customers is one of our core values. For the future, Rapidtek is trying to be the best and holding various activities to promote “Taken from the community, giving back to society”