Advance RF RD Center

Rapidtek established the Advance RF RD Center in 2021. The product  categories including the following items:

I. Design of antenna array

As long as the increasing improvement of the connects system, 5G telecommunication and low-earth orbit (LEO) are the main characters with no doubt. Hence, the design and use of the antenna array are important. The efficiency of control and design are also limit the adaptability within various application areas. In this aspect, we already had the design experience of a 32x32 dipole large active array antenna which matches the product specification of LEO. We believe that the antenna array technology will be a really important role in the development of communication systems in the next generation. 

II. Development of Up and down convertor module  

Due to the progression of WiFi and mmWave communication, this shows that a lot of equipment (Sub-6Hz) needs to move forward to the RF test. The price of RF test equipment is usually high, and it can not design by the specific requirement which usually causes problems and high cost. Rapidtek provides UDC module customized service to solve the test requirement. We can apply this capability to the foundation of current equipment which can improve customers’ mmWave test frequency band. Thus, the test planning cost could decrease effectively and assist customers to enter the mmWave market. 


III. Antenna measurement and calibration development 

It is a big challenge to verify the technology and frequency band while they are changing in time. Rapidtek provides a mmWave antenna array test environment and measurement service. Except for the environmental factor, antenna calibration is also one of the important factors in measurement. Rapidtek’s self-developing calibration skill can decrease the required test information and speed up the calibration process to shorten the resulting period. The environment that Rapidtek provides also can apply the measurement service for large antennas and help customers’ design verification during prototype development.